Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Show Review

Yesterday was my Spring Show. I would have to call the day a success. It was hard not attending this show before. Or any spring show for that matter. I had no previous data to go off of for comparison, but I actually think that was a good thing :) We had no expectations going into the day and after we made our booth fees back...we figured it was a success!
I shared my booth with a friend that makes jewelry and some other home decor projects. We had a nice big area that fit all of our things nicely and gave us some room to work.
One thing we found out about spring shows...there is a lot going on in the spring! That same day there was a Home Show at a big convention center, a soccer tournament, a piano recital, and a dance competition just to name a few! As this may be helpful in getting people out and about, when there is so much to do, people are limited in their choices.
I do feel we had a lot of foot traffic, just not a lot of buyers. People were very quick to go by the booths and weren't carrying many bags. But I'm afraid this is probably a spring show trend.
We went ahead and signed up for this same show in the fall as we've heard it's a big show with lots of shoppers :) We also have another spring show on May 1 and 2. This is another new show, so I'll be interested to see how it turns out as well :)
I hope those of you doing shows are having much success!


  1. You did have a nice, big area! I'm still shy about doing shows, but it looks like you got some exposure with all the foot traffic! Hope the one in the fall does well.

  2. Hi ~ found you through BeadedTail. How fun to do a craft show! We don't have a spring one here (Swift Current Saskatchewan) but I wish we did! We do have a fall one though and I know it's always a huge success. Always lots of shopping for Christmas! :)


  3. Glad to hear it went well :) I love the shelf unit thingies you have! I may steal that idea for my bags if you wouldn't mind :)

  4. Congrats on your show going well! I have a month before my shows start up - but that's good - because I need the time to prepare!

  5. You have a great space and your shelves are wonderful! Perhaps you made some contacts you are unaware of during this show, who will buy from you in the future. I count that into my analysis of success. Of course, you won't know that till later.

  6. Edi, I like the setup for your booth. I really like the shelves for your albums.
    HOpefully, you will have more buyers at the spring show. (And my Mom--a huge show buying person-will easily spend more in the fall).

  7. I like your nice big set up and love all the colors of your albums! It would have got my attention that's for sure!

  8. your set-up looks great! Love the free-standing shelves!

  9. Your booth looked great! So nice that you had such a big area, and made money. I've done 2 shows this spring, and was a little uncertain about them, like you, but now I hope to do them every year!

  10. I love your shelf units! Hopefully the fall show will bring you more than just foot traffic. I'm crossing my fingers for you!


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