Monday, March 1, 2010

Let the Swappin' Begin

The EtsyBloggers Journal Swap that is! Today is the start of a month long journal swap that I am participating in with other EtsyBloggers.
We are given a list of topics to write about during the month and then we mail our finished journal to a fellow teammate and we get one in return from a different teammate. It is going to be so much fun :)
I haven't made the cover of my journal yet because I want to make my journal kind of like a scrapbook. I have the general idea of what I want and the size I want it, but I want to be able to make each page separately and put them all together at the end.
I made my first page today. We were to introduce ourselves and tell a little bit about us. We were also to add a photo of ourselves and our shop banner. Here is what I came up with:
I loved the teal paper, but of course my first page had to have pink on it too :)
From here on out, we have 30 more topics to choose from and we can write about them in any order we want...just so we cover them all. I will keep you updated (maybe weekly) on how the journal is coming along.
So let the swappin' begin!!!


  1. Just like you, and all your art, your page is beautiful!

  2. Your page is lovely! What a great start to the journal and I'm sure Erika will love it!

  3. Lovely Colors!! Erika will love your journal!! I plan to make like a scrapbook too.. will be so much fun to create each page.. :D

  4. very cool...I am now wishing I would have jumped in on this...maybe next time :) Until then, I'll just enjoy everyone elses.

  5. Oh, this looks wonderful! I was thinking that your swap mate was going to love it and then remembered--it's me!!
    I do wish I was being more creative with my journal pages. Hmmm. It is never too late:)

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  7. Oh NO! I forgot to start! Dang it - and I need to get a journal still too >_> I thought about it a week ago... looks like I'm going to have to play catch up!

  8. OMG! Your page is so beautiful! Mine is not so artsy! But, that is OK, it's me!


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