Sunday, October 24, 2010

An Aries Artist

I was recently featured on this site and many of the questions in the interview had to do with how my crafting relates to my astrological sign. In doing this interview, I realized just how many aspects of my sign do effect my crafting...and my life in general.
I am an Aries through and through! From being outgoing and independent to being impatient and hardheaded...I fit the profile. Much of my success has come from having the confidence to talk to people about my scrapbooks. All of my consignment deals have started by me just walking up and asking if the store owner would be willing to sell my items. This is something that comes easily to me, but doesn't always come easy to others. And craft shows are much the same way. I'm not afraid to put myself out there and talk to people all day at the shows. It is just something that comes naturally :)
Being an Aries also helps me to take on challenges and branch out with my scrapbooking. I love working on new things and always have 100s of ideas running though my head at any given moment! This really helps in my custom work when people request all sorts of new things.
There are also some down sides to being an Aries when it comes to my crafting. My scrap room always tends to be a mess! And I always have 10 projects going at the same time. I don't like to sit idle and have to have something to work on. I've also noticed that I work best on a deadline. I stay very focused when I have orders to work on, but not so much when I am just working on inventory.
All in all, I'll take the bad with the good when it comes to being an Aries. After all, I wouldn't be the same person if you took out all the "bad" things :)
Do you believe in astrology and your sign? How does it affect your crafting?


  1. Very interesting! I'm a Sagitarious/Capricorn cusp... not sure how that affects my crafting LOL

  2. it's great for business that you're outgoing. Not me... people usually have to approach me! I'm on the cusp Capricorn/Aquarius, a climber and free spirit. Can see how that effect my life... Interesting concept! {:-D

  3. That's very interesting and being an Aries certainly seems to help you with your crafting. I'm a Virgo and am not sure how that effects my beading. If it means I'm a perfectionist introvert than it's spot on! :)

  4. That IS interesting! I have some of your traits (like messiness, many projects), yet I'm a Pisces. Selling, approaching others does not come easy to me, though. I've been able to do it to a degree after years of practice.


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