Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bling and Glitter and Rhinestones...Oh My!

I was recently asked to make a set of scrapbooks for a girl's night out birthday bash. The birthday girl loves bling and jewelry and everything that glitters, so the scrapbooks needed to be just as sparkly as her taste :) She also loves anything to do with hearts.
I added rhinestones to two of the letters and used glitter paper on another. I also used rhinestones in the centers of some of the embellishments. I made a glitter frame on the first page and add some really cute glitter hearts as well.
These were so much fun to make! I hope all the girls love them!
Now I need to clean all the glitter off my work table...LOL :)


  1. Those are very pretty and certainly very girly! Great idea to add the bling and glitter!

  2. Perfect for a little girl, love the sparkle!

  3. wow - that's bright! She must be a fun-loving person. Looks great!

  4. Wow!! Bling Bling!! Colorful Album!!

  5. Beautiful work as always! I hope that the recipients love them. :)


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