Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Digital Scrapbooking for Everyone

I am a traditional paper scrapbooker in most aspects. I love the process of cutting, gluing and rearranging the elements on a layout to make something spectacular. In recent years, I have become more of a hybrid scrapbooker. I still love the physical sense of scrapbooking, but I love the options digital scrapbooking has to offer! And I think digital scrapbooking has options for everyone.
Today, I thought I'd show you the most common way I use digital scrapbooking in my traditional scrapbooks and albums. I might do a series on "hybrid" scrapbooking so you can see other ways digital scrapbooking is useful in traditional scrapbooking.
The thing I love most about digital scrapbooking is the variety it gives me. Check out these two papers:
The paper on the left is the original paper and the one on the right is one that I altered to make it the colors I needed. If I had bought this paper at a store, I wouldn't have had the option to change the colors and would have had to use it as is. By using the Hue/Saturation option in Photoshop, I have endless possibilities!
I also use this technique a lot in my embellishments. Digital scrapbook embellishments are both inexpensive and versatile. Take this paisley for example. It started out black, but I've made it so many different colors that I can use it on every album I make! A regular sticker can't do that!
If you're looking for more options in your traditional paper scrapbooking, look to digital scrapbooking to help you out :)


  1. Thanks for the tips, Edi! I am a complete beginner with Photoshop, but I would love to learn more someday.

  2. I am a fan of digital scrapbbooking--there is no mess involved!

    I like your paisleys, too.

  3. that is really amazing, what photoshop can do! I didn't know you could change colors like that. One day, I'll buy photoshop for my home...

  4. Very interesting! Not sure I quite understand it but I'm impressed. Do you print out the new colors and use them then?

  5. Digital playing can be so fun :) And addicting :P

  6. I have steadfastly resisted scrapbooking. (I know I'd just get way behind and feel guilty and buy too many supplies because I'm compulsive that way. =oP )

    But everything you've said here applies to collage, and like you, I LOVE the digital options you've listed. And Photoshop. Photoshop is my Friend, lol.

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