Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall in the Midwest-Blog Carnival

This week's blog carnival topics are brought to us by SpottedCowSoaps and here are our topics: 1. What are some fun activities you like to do in the fall. (travel, apple picking, etc) 2. Show us some awesome photos of autumn in and around where you live.
My post is sort of a combination of the two topics. A BIG activity going on right now in the Midwest is HARVEST! Everywhere you look and everywhere you go...tractors, combines, corn, soy beans, semis, and the list goes on! I work with a lot of farmers as well and every night I get to hear a harvest update!

Though I grew up in town, my grandpa is a farmer and I remember harvest as a little girl. My grandpa would let me drive the tractor while sitting on his lap :) And now that we live in the country, all of our neighbors are farmers! It is our biggest fall tradition here in the Midwest!

As I said though, my post is a combination of the two topics. I couldn't do a post about fall photos without showing this awesome tree photo I took a few years back. As all the crops turn brown and the fields start to become bare...the trees start to come alive :) And that is my favorite part of fall!!!


  1. I eagerly wait for the corner giant oak to turn colors. It is brief but how gorgeous; it is about the only sense of autumn I get in this part of Texas!

  2. I remember the Midwest harvest! We lived across the street from a corn field so it was always fun to watch the farmers at this time of year.

    The tree is very pretty too. I just love those fiery colors!

  3. Thanks for sharing this post! I love the Fall colors and would miss them terribly if I ever lived where they were absent.

  4. we think alike! Maybe bec we're both on the Plains, but I combined my topics too! Looks awfully familiar! {:-D

  5. Awwww...fall harvests in the midwest...miss seeing those. We used to live in the country and the kids would sit and watch the havesting going on in the fields around us as though it was the best TV show ever! My son knew whether the tractor coming down the road was a John Deere or IH, etc. just by the sounds.


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