Monday, October 4, 2010

From Uncle Charlie

I recently finished an order for a friend at work for two Custom Baby Albums. He wanted to give his nieces a special gift and asked me to put on the front page "From Uncle Charlie". I asked him about putting the rest of the family's names on there and he told me they didn't even know he was buying them...they were just from him :) I thought that was pretty uncle buying scrapbooks for his nieces!
Abigail and Azlynn and sure lucky girls!


  1. These albums are very pretty. The girls are certainly very lucky to have such a thoughtful uncle.

  2. Those are such pretty albums! It's so nice they'll have those wonderful memories from their Uncle Charlie!

  3. what a sweet man! He was sure lucky to know you, too! {:-D

  4. Sweet Uncle!!! Beautiful Pink Albums!!!


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