Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Survey Says

A while back I added a survey to my Paypal checkout to see how buyers were finding me. Google Analytics can be helpful, but if people are willing to just tell you, it's much easier :) I was going through my 3rd quarter sales tallying up sales tax and while I was at it, I tallied up my survey results as well.
Etsy Search: 8
Google: 3
Other: 3
Facebook: 0
My Blog: 0
This data can be very useful in determining what I'm doing right and what I can work on. I would say that my Etsy results are great. I am being found in searches and when people find me, they buy :) Google on the other hand could use some work. From my Google Analytics account, I know people are finding me through google search, but this tells me they aren't buying. I may need to work on my titles, keywords and tags. Google only picks up so many characters of your description, so many of your tags and so much of your title. I need to have my key words front and center! I know people are finding me on facebook because I make direct sales through there. But I was a little disappointed with my Blog results. I work hard to blog everyday and share a variety of info. and stories. But this shows me where I can work more. I think I might add the LinkWithin widget to my posts for a starter. And I have to keep in mind that this survey is optional and only about half of the people answered it.
Would you like to add the Paypal Survey to your account as well...it's super easy:

1) Login to your PayPal account 2) Under "my account" click "profile" 3) Under "selling preferences" click "custom payment pages", then click "options" and go to "merchant service options" 4) Check "add a customer service survey" and fill in the blanks* 5) Make sure you click "SAVE" before you exit

I'd love to hear your results if you add the survey!


  1. This is a great idea, Edi, thanks!

  2. I've seen that before but couldn't figure out how to do it. I'm going to try it though, thanks for the info!

  3. Going to do this right now. Not that I have any sales lately... but it will help when I do. I've always had a question to buyers on my Etsy page, but only one person ever answered it.

  4. I have a survey up. Only a few people have filled it out, and they've all checked Etsy. I look at my Google Analytics pretty often for Etsy. My clicks are always the highest directly through Etsy. Facebook and Twitter rank next. My blog is pretty low, which I agree is disappointing. People don't realize how much time can go into that. It's frustrating to see it have such low results. I do get a lot of feedback through it, though.

  5. great idea!
    Perhaps people who find you in other ways are looking at your blog to see what kind of person you are. just a thought...


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