Thursday, March 31, 2011

Colors to Make You Smile

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As most of my readers know, Pink is my favorite color :) And my favorite color combo is pink, teal and purple. I like to work with new color combos, but it makes me smile when people request albums in my favorite colors :) My two most recent Custom Albums were in pink/black and purple/teal...right up my alley. What is your favorite color or color combo? How do you stretch yourself to use other colors in your work?


  1. I love those colors! I like the note thingy in the bottom album too. That is a fabulous idea!

    I use a lot of purple and it's hard to get away from that but I try!

  2. I love purple, black, and silver :) I've worked hard to buy other colors until I actually have less purple than I do any other color :P

  3. I like the words on those 2 albums!
    I'm a color freak and like many different combos.
    It can be fun when customers request something you haven't made before, be it color combinations, designs. It's especially great when the customer leaves the artistic expression up to you.
    Recently, I've been taking a jewelry wire making class. We've been working mostly with copper. I have rarely worked with copper, being a sterling lover. Now I find myself thinking about what color (of bead) would look great with the copper.

  4. I love both of those color combinations, too! As I'm sure you know, I also love turquoise/red. I haven't had any custom orders in colors that really stretched me yet...I don't work with yellow a lot, though. If there's one color that's pretty absent from my bead collection, it's that.

  5. I really like the paper in the second one--do you ever just stare at the pretty paper and not want to use it?

  6. Pink is such a happy color, and I adore it paired with brown! Blue and green is my all time favorite color combination though! :)

  7. Wow, those are really cool books! Jumping over here from the link party!

  8. Thanks for participating in the link party!!

  9. We have something in common: my favourite colour is PINK too! I love that pink album, because it has polkadots which I also love :)


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