Sunday, March 20, 2011

Welcome Spring

The bulbs are blooming and the weather is starting to warm up! Spring is officially here!!! And I'm welcoming it with full force! The winters seem to get longer and the warmer months seem to get shorter anymore! I can't wait to get outside and take Harley for walks and go for a jog!
The signs of Spring are popping up both inside and outside. This rose bush is in full bloom with tons of flowers and new buds all over!
And my tulips and crocus (I think) are popping up as well :)
What signs of Spring are you seeing?


  1. Awesome! I am finding so many pics on blogs to enjoy Spring visually :) We have a ways to go here yet.

  2. We don't have a lot of flowers in the desert, but when I lived in Virginia, I loved it when the daffodills made an appearence.

  3. We've seen signs of spring! The deer are back. I saw 5 at once but everyone else in my house saw 14 at one time!

  4. Oh, SPRING! This is the time of year when I list the flowers I'm seeing, until the list gets so long I can't keep it in my head.

    Right now:
    Flowering plum
    Daffodil and narcissus


  5. Oh my, you are ahead of us in the budding Spring department. It will be soon though, and I can't wait!

  6. Those roses are beautiful. I love seeing the signs of spring.

  7. Great minds think alike on Spring posts today! I'm so ready for it!

  8. Not much is growing in my yard right now, but I did see 17(!) baby deer passing through my back yard a couple of weeks ago, and I have also seen some fat red-breasted robins. Does that count?

  9. Gorgeous pictures!!!!

    Today was the first day of spring, so I thought it would be special to take a picture - NOTHING like your scenes - Yup, snow. And after that one was taken, I think another 2 inches fell.

  10. Sigh... condo life doesn't allow for much gardening! I do miss my bulb plants, but just can't resign myself to put crocuses and hyacinth in pots yet! Maybe someday. Love the photos and the sentiment! Great post :)

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    Mystic Wynd


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