Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lasered Update

Well, I can't really call this a "weekend" update, so I'll just call it an update :) The weekend was busy with work and family visits, so I wasn't able to get photos of all the new items I've created! Each week I seem to create a few less items and I'm starting to figure out what I want to focus more on and add to my shop and take to shows with me. Here's the latest... Large Porcelain Tiles
(One bare, one painted)

Photo Tile Full Size Photo on Wood Serenity Prayer Plaque

Wood Wedding Invitations (I'm really excited about these!) I'll slowly be adding sections to my shop and adding new listings!!! Which is your favorite this week?


  1. I love those wood invites! Awesome!

  2. Hi, you just won a peep charm from my blog. I couldn't email out from google for some reason, Can you email me your address and peep color choice at sweetandsavorytrinkets(at)yahoo.com


  3. You are incredibly talented in the right areas of peoples interests. I really like the one with the male and female on it, and the wooden invitations. Best wishes.

  4. Those wood invites are amazing.

  5. Harley is my favorite! Love all of them though!

  6. those photo tiles are very unique!! and I like the invitations too! {:-D

  7. great items! The wood invites are especially cool!

  8. Thanks for participating in the link party, Edi! That red really stands out--did you paint the tile or did it come that way?

  9. I'm popping on over from the link party. I love your woodwork, especially that photo and the invitation tiles!

  10. Hi Edi!

    I have been browsing your items in your Etsy shop for a long time :)
    I love the pink swirly note book!
    Your new products are awesome, specially the painted red tile!


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