Thursday, March 17, 2011

Diamonds-EtsyBloggers Carnival

This week's Blog Carnival is brought to us by Cindy of Devine Designs Jewelry and our topics are:

1. April birthstone: diamond- write about it's history, gem info, whether or not you like them, or if this is your birthstone! 2. April Fool's Day: Do you participate? Tell us about a joke you played on someone, or if one has been played on you. What do you think about this "day"? 3. What is your favorite gemstone and why?

Since my birthday is just around the corner in April, I decided to write about Diamonds :) I do love colored gemstones as I'm drawn to color! But my favorite piece of jewelry is the diamond ring Jesse got me over 10 years ago :)

On our first Christmas together, Jesse gave me the ring pictured above :) It was such a special gift and meant so much to me and our relationship! I put the ring on that night and I've worn it everyday since :) The ring means just as much to me today as it did on that Christmas night.

What is your most prized piece of jewelry?


  1. My favorite piece of jewelry is a necklace. I was married for nearly 21 years when my first husband died. He'd purchased a gorgeous diamond set for me on our twentieth anniversary. Before that I only had a wedding band. After he passed, I put it away and eventually remarried. When my third son, a starving college student, was getting married, he asked if I knew anyone in the family who had some old jewelry that they would donate so he could have a ring made for his bride. I gave him my wedding set, and he was dumbfounded and he cried! On his wedding day he pulled me aside and gave me a necklace custom made with the remaining diamonds from the set with a new saphire in the middle (He only used the main large diamond.) Then, I was dumbfounded and I cried.

  2. Do people still ask when you are two going to get married? People seem to always ask that question when people start dating...

    My very simple wedding band because of what it represents to me.

    And a necklace I received when I was 15. I still wear it.

  3. My wedding ring and an anniversary band that I wear on my right hand are the only two pieces of jewelry I wear every day. I need to have the prongs on my wedding band re-done because they are wearing thin after so many years of wear but I don't want to take it off!

  4. Edi! You're on the ball! I haven'tposted this on our blogger's blog yet ;)
    My favorite ring a moonstone on sterling with cresent moons in silver on each side. Sad to say, it was stolen. I've never seen one like it since.

  5. pretty ring!
    My favorite? The ring I wear everyday next to my wedding band was a birthday present from my husband 11 years ago. It looks like a daisy with petals of sapphire and a diamond in the middle. The band is etched with a lovely cut-out design.

  6. Beautiful ring!

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a necklace that my mother gave to me (despite having rings from my dear one :-)). When I was 14 I was very ill and my mother took off her own necklace and placed it on me, I never took it off. I am much better and Christmas of 2009 I unwrapped a small package from her containing a new necklace. She told me to keep the other one, but she knew that it didn't represent me as well as it could, but I wore it because it represented our relationship, our love, and my belief that she is always with me. This necklace is a sterling silver tree of life, and has a woman as the tree trunk. I cried. She has always struggled to buy gifts for my other siblings but has always said that she knows when she finds something that is perfect for me. Despite that all of my jewelry is silver I wore that gold necklace and never took it off. Now I had a silver one, and it meant even more. I never take it off, and everywhere I go people compliment it and ask me where I got it. All I can do is smile and tell them it was a gift from my very lovely mother.


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