Sunday, March 27, 2011

Show Review

Well, the show yesterday definitely could have gone better! But with the snow we got and a big show last weekend, it was to be expected. There was a slow steady flow of shoppers in the morning, but the show pretty much died in the afternoon. And people just seemed to be browsing...not many purchases being made anywhere that I could see. And low ticket items were definitely a bigger hit than larger items.
I did like how my setup looked, but of course I forgot to get a picture! I promise one next weekend :) The good thing is, I have a show next weekend and we've been hearing good things about this show! It will be our first time doing this show, so no big expectations, but fingers crossed!
I do have some custom orders to get done :) And I'm actually glad I'm not scrambling like crazy to get inventory restocked for next weeks show. Everything happens for a maybe online sales will be great this week :)
Thank you to everyone for the well wishes :)


  1. Well, hopefully the next show will be better. And at least you have shows to try. I would have to drive 1-2 hours for a show they are so infrequent here unless you count the church ones.

  2. Congrats on the online sales and hope next week's show is better too!

  3. The first shows of the season do tend to have more browsers...probably trying to pace themselves :)

  4. You're right Edi! Next week's show will be better! I'm scrambling now to create enough new inventory for my next show!

  5. Looking forward to seeing the photo of your booth next week!

    And that's the good thing about a not-so-great show--you have your inventory for the next one all done. =o)

  6. I found most all of my craft shows were like that, most people browsing, not many buying! I did an Artisan Open House at my home last fall and invited 8 other crafters to join me. That's the only show I've been at that I would call a rousing success! ;)


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