Sunday, May 8, 2011

Favorite Colors Back Again

As you already know, my favorite color combo is Pink Purple and Teal/Aqua! These are my go-to colors for just about anything! And I love it when customers request these colors. These colors make me happy when I work with them :)

Pink and Silver

Teal Black and White

Purple and Gold And this last album actually gave me the idea to use this color combo on other albums. I've added this Family Word Album to my shop with these beautiful colors! The gold cardstock has a shimmer to it that just makes the album look so classy...I love it!

What favorite color combos have you been working with lately?


  1. The pink and silver look great together.

    And your albums are always awesome!

  2. Your albums look great, I love the teal and black! :)

  3. love the family album! My favorite trio of colors are turquoise, orange and yellow! Yum-Yum! {:-D

  4. All of the albums look great. I've been using a lot of green lately, which always makes me happy.

  5. I always love your color combos! I'm still working with purple with a few others mixed in.

  6. These look wonderful. I especially like the purple and gold combination--so rich!


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