Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Giveaway Review

Today I wanted to do a little giveaway review to tell you things I learned, the things I liked and the things I would do again when running a giveaway on my blog. A few tips, if you will.
I would definitely say my giveaway was a success! For not doing giveaways often (hardly ever) and having less than 200 followers, I think this giveaway went very well with 135 entries! My goal was 100 and I was so excited to exceed that! So, here's my tips for a successful giveaway...
  • Advertise! This is by far the most important part of having a giveaway. If you want people to enter, they have to know where to find you! I recommend Etsy Giveaways and By Hand Giveaways.
  • Leave the giveaway open for at least two weeks. I left mine open for 23 days and feel that if I had closed it after a week, I wouldn't have gotten as many entries. I wouldn't recommend more than one month though.
  • Open your giveaway to international entrants. I got quite a few international entries and had fun seeing where everyone was from. I realize if I'd given away a large item, this would be tough to do. Gift certificates are great for international. And advertise it on International Giveaways.
  • Give people a choice. Either a choice between a few different items or a gift certificate. Everyone has different taste and with a gift certificate they can pick what they want, instead of what you want to give them.
  • Have several options for people to enter. And keep it easy...and fun! I loved asking people what their most memorable birthday was :)
  • I also learned that my Custom Name Albums are still peoples' favorites :) I'm excited about my new laser machine, but I'm happy that my scrapbooks are still a fun and unique item :) And the least favorite seemed to be the Flip Flop Scrapbooks, which wasn't too big of a surprise.

    I can't wait to do my next giveaway...stay tuned!


    1. I totally agree with keeping it simple. I've passed on giveaways because it was so complicated (or time-consuming) to enter. If there's more than one required thing for entry, I skip it.

    2. Great tips! I get irritated at the giveaways where you have to jump through hoops to enter so if I only enter once or twice while others do all squizillion things I have no chance so why bother. Yours was fun though because of the birthday question! Plus I really wanted to win! :)

    3. great review. I'm keeping this for later, to help me if I ever do a giveaway. Thanks! {:-D

    4. Great tips, Edi. Like Deb I am going to have to keep this one for future use.

    5. I wasn't aware of the giveaway sites, thanks for posting them, it must have directed a lot of traffic to your blog. I did a brief giveaway recently (spur of the moment), and had tons of fun! I love to give goodies away...I think I may have to do another... :)

    6. Morning Edi ~ Would you consider adding the new 'subscribe by email' gadget to your blog? I'm going through and adding all of my favorite blogs so that I can both simplify my life and also guarantee I don't miss a great post! :)


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