Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Two Cute

Okay, I'll apologize right off the bat for the poor pun in my title! But this album really did turn out too cute! This was a special request for lower case letters. I hadn't even thought to use lower case letters before and I think it turned out great. It is for a little girl's birthday party that she'll be having in a frozen yogurt shop. I love the colors and the fun embellishments! Every time I get a new request for my Custom Albums, my mind starts racing with new ideas that I can take from the request! This is no exception! I love the idea of lower case letters :) What requests have got your mind racing lately?


  1. The lower case letters are great! I've been thinking about leaves again since I got my newest leaf custom order.

  2. I really like the lowercase letters, it gives it a whole different look! Adorable! :) Sometimes those puns are just to hard to resist... ;)

  3. That scrapbook is adoable - great job! I also love your blog and am now following! :)

  4. I love this album! It really is cute :) What a special gift for the little girl!


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