Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Features - Hoot Hoot

Owls have been on the brain all week with my giveaway still going on at Rose Works Jewelry's blog! Stop by for your chance to win a set of Owl Magnets or an Owl Pendant! And if you're looking for more cute owl finds, Etsy is the place to go! I had such a hard time narrowing it down for today's features! I love all the colors and patterns that every one uses on their owls! Can't wait to win ' 'em here. Eco Felt Owl Keychain Teal Purple Pink Mini Plush Cute by lovahandmade whoot whoot Plush Good Luck Owl Friend by BWinks NEW/Animal Garden 2 by fongstudio


  1. I love your owl finds Edi! I'm still hoping to win your owl giveaway from Ruthie too!

  2. Those are so cute. Etsy is certainly the place to find owls.

  3. Those good luck owl friends are adorable! What great finds! :)


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