Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Match Game

One thing I love about making my Custom Name Albums is the fun requests I get! Often I am asked to match a certain set of colors whether it be a bedroom set, a quilt, a wedding invitation, etc. It's fun making each album unique and being able to match the specific colors.
These two recent Baby Albums were both made to match nursery sets. One for a baby boy and one for a baby girl.
Devon's album was made to match this great fabric! These are colors I wouldn't have thought to put together...and I love them!
Landon's album was made to match this bed set from younkers.com. These are great colors to use for baby albums when you want to stick with traditional colors, but you want to mix it up a bit as well. I've used this color combo in the past and love it every time :)
I can't wait to see what my next request will be!


  1. Your name albums are unique and lovely.

  2. I like how the gray stands out against the pink and gold papers in the first--very different!

  3. those colors are great together! The albums are a special touch for any baby shower! And younkers.com - is that a business? {:-D

  4. Love them! Especially the brown and blue -- I've always liked that color combo. And the room will easily transition from baby to big boy!

  5. Your ability to match colors or anything makes your albums that much more special!

  6. What beautiful albums! I love that they match the rooms!

  7. I love the color combo on Landon's, that nursery is adorable! And look, I think I'm able to comment... :)


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