Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day to all my readers :)
This has been a wonderful holiday weekend! I got to see my entire extended family and spend lots of time with my parents! We got to grill out, eat out, visit friends and just sit and relax :)
I've noticed a theme lately with each holiday. No matter the actual reason of the holiday, family is the core theme :)
I'll be taking a little time today to thank our military for all the wonderful things they do for us! I cannot imagine a life without our freedoms!!! And I'll be taking time to remember our family and friends who have passed too early.


  1. I agree about family, and of course it doesn't always have to be blood relatives to be a family. That close, loyal, bond is definitely something I cherish.

    Thank you to our service men and women.

  2. I think our fallen servicemembers would be honored for us to be with family this weekend!

  3. yes, holidays are a time for family and remember good times past, and good times to come. And eating of course... {:-D

  4. It's wonderful you are able to spend the holiday weekend with your family! Happy Memorial Day to you!


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