Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fun with Google Analytics

Google Analytics for your Etsy Shop can be both fun and useful. It gives you information about shoppers, search results and other data regarding your shop.
The other day I was browsing around and came across a fun tool in Google Analytics. It tells you both where in the world your visitors are coming from as well as what states they are coming from within the United States.
From your dashboard you will see the Map Overlay section. If you click on View Report, it will give you the break down for the globe. I'm not surprised that a large majority of my results are from the United States. It is nice to know that Canada and the United Kingdom are my next two highest results though.
When you click on the United States, it gives you this map and the results by state.
California and Texas are my top two results. These are large states as well as very populated states, so these results don't surprise me. I am very happy to see that my home state of Iowa is #3 :) I am also happy to see that my parent's state of Michigan made the top 10 list as well :)
I found this information fun to play with and look at, but it is also very useful information. With Canada as my second rated country for views, I should look more into items specific for this country. I could easily make a Canada Word Album! Or a Simply Stunning Red and White Album with a maple leaf on the front!
Have you checked your Google Analytics lately? What was the section you found the most fun or most useful?


  1. This is very interesting! I get confused by the data and don't know how to read it but you made it seem more simple than I thought it was. Does it count my visits to my own shop? If so, can I turn that off? It's been awhile since I looked at it but I'll have to check it out once again. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Very thought provoking! I used the world map to decide which countries to offer international shipping. I like the section where I can see which items are most popular and which sections of my shop get the most views.

  3. Thanks for the reminder to go and check my stats! There is a lot of helpful information there.

  4. I'm always playing with that, trying to figure what it means & what I can do with the info for it to help me...found cool info, still don't know how to use it :P

    My top is the US too (of course) but Australia & Spain are in the top 5 too...was not expecting that


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