Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Journal Update

I must admit...I've fallen a little bit behind on my journal! (Don't worry Erika...it will be done!) I never thought March would be so busy! But with my craft show on Saturday (and the preparation leading up to it), wedding invitations for two weddings, and custom orders in between...I've been super busy!!!
Okay...enough excuses already! I have gotten a few more pages done though :) And I have thoroughly enjoyed working on it :) It has been so long since I've sat down and just created for fun! This journal has let me play again and use supplies I haven't used in a while. And the topics have been lots of fun to write about :)
Here are the pages I've done most recently:
I've been trying to use more colors than just pink, purple, and teal! I've added in some green, orange and yellow too :) I can't wait to sit down this week and finish my album! Now I just need to figure out exactly how I want the cover to look...


  1. Edi, the pages are beautiful! Thank you!!

    You are such an inspiration for the book for Sharla. I hope she likes it.

  2. Looking fabulous! I'm even farther behind...

  3. Your pages look wonderful! You are just so darn creative! Erika is going to love her journal from you!

  4. These look wonderful! I'm a little bit behind on my journal pages, too. But I am enjoying the process a great deal.

  5. Edi - your pages look really fun! Me... I'm a writer - hope it's not too boring! lol

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  7. I'm so behind for my journal too.. :D

    Yours look wonderful!!

  8. I was behind on my journal until today. I've been finishing the days that I missed, but mine is not as colorful as your is. The person getting yours will be thrilled!


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