Thursday, December 9, 2010

Custom Rememberance/Memorial Albums

I recently made 6 Custom Memorial Albums for a friend at work who had a brother pass away a few years ago. She wanted one for each member of her family to keep special photo of him in. She thought it would be a great way to share the photos and keep them out all year so they get looked at more often :)
This is the second time I've been asked to make a rememberance album and I think they are a great idea! What better way to remember those we've loved and lost! I decided to add these as a Custom Listing to my shop. I love custom work because I get to work so closely with my customers, but these albums are extra special. When someone asks you to make them something so personal and close to their heart, it really makes you feel special too!


  1. a wonderful album!! and a great idea! I totally agree with you about working closely with a customer on a special order.

  2. That is really special, Edi. I'm sure that the whole family will really appreciate it. I agree about custom orders. :)

  3. Edi, I have goosebumps. These are remarkable. I was just asked last night if I thought you would be able to make an album for a little girl whose mother passed away. The quotes you have included are breathtaking and perfect.

  4. That is a very special album and a wonderful way to remember someone. I agree about custom orders and I also like being on the other end and having something so special and personal made for me too.

  5. that is such a lovely idea, family members making their own albums. What a sharing experience that would be! Your albums are wonderful! {:-D


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