Monday, December 20, 2010

Earring Cards Now Available

I've had a few special orders for earring cards lately and been told I should add them to my shop. Well, I decided to do just that! I have SO many ideas floating through my head for cute earring cards! Here are the four I added today:

Cupcake Earring Cards

Black Scroll Earring Cards

Blue Bird Earring Cards

Work of Heart Earring Cards I have a few more ready to list as well. And I recently bought some fun 2"x2" punches that I'd like to use on my earring cards too. Look for more fun designs to come!

Have suggestions on designs...I'd love to hear them!


  1. I like the black scroll (seems I keep going back to black and white) and the blue bird designs. It is great that you are offering these to your shop so that more people find out about this aspect of your skills. I know I love the cards you created for me!

    I look forward to showing you and the team what I have been working on for the new shop for feedback.

  2. Your earring cards are fabulous Edi! I love the ones you made for me!

  3. Edi, I like the blue bird design!! Great works again!!! :D

  4. Those rock! Not sure which I like best...the birdies sure are cute, but I like the 'work of heart' loads too :)


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