Sunday, December 5, 2010


A couple of weeks ago I featured Pink Christmas Finds and featured really cute Wine Bottle Gift Bags! The owner of the shop, Riki of RLG1282, was so generous and sent me some great Loot Bags as a thank you for the feature!
Pink is MY color and these are so cute! They even have glitter on them!!! These would be perfect for gift cards, jewelry, stocking stuffers and so much more! I already have 2 of them used and plan on finding other small gifts so I can share the others as well!
Riki even sent me this cute reindeer ornament! How thoughtful! He is sitting on my computer desk as I type this making my work space a little more festive :)
Thank you so much Riki! Your generosity is much appreciated :)


  1. Those are very cute and so you! That was very generous of Riki to send them to you. Someone I featured sent homemade dog and cat treats to us which I thought was very nice too.

  2. How awesome of Riki! I'll go check out her shop...

  3. How generous! The bags are wonderful and I remember making those cute reindeer in school:) I actually look forward to the days when the kids bring theirs home.

  4. They always say "it is the little things that count"! what a sweet gesture from Riki's being featured.
    Love the bags - going to check her shop and see if she sells them -
    and yes, I have lots of those reindeer clothespins also from my kids little Christmas school projects - true memories!!!

  5. Thanks again for including me in your blog! I really appreciate it =D Happy Holidays Everyone!


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