Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Handmade Christmas

This year for Christmas, I wanted to make as many of the gifts as I could. I had special ideas for all the girls on Jesse's side of the family and I love how each one turned out! I just wish I would have remembered to take photos of the recipients with their gifts! But luckily I did remember to take pictures before I gave them :)


Jesse's mom recently purchased a home! She had the fun idea to name her new place "The Hen House"...I love it! So I made her a sign that is perfect for her new home :)
I cut it out of wood with my laser and made the wing a separate piece. I painted the wing orange (to match her kitchen!) and engraved the words on the wing. I then glued it together and added a hanger on the back. She loved it!
For Jesse's sister-in-law, I made a large 8x10 picture frame with all their names on it. I put their last name on the top and all of their first names along the bottom. This frame matches their other home decor perfectly, so she loved it :)
For Jesse's other sister-in-law I made a super cute Double Name Album! Of course I had a lot of fun making this one since it's in my favorite colors :)
I did a mix of fun/summer/party pages as well as couple/love pages. It turned out great and of course, she loved it :)
Did you make any handmade gifts this year? Tell me all about them!


  1. I just love handmade gifts and I think people are starting to appreciate them more as well.Great job!

    Etsy Blog Team

  2. Awesome gifts Edi! The hen is really cute. I'm so glad that all of the recipients enjoyed them.

    I know that you already saw my handmade gifts for this year on my blog. :)

  3. I did made some vegie bags for all of my daughters and daugher=in=laws---ten of them!

  4. Those are all fabulous gifts and I'm sure the recipients loved them! I made gifts this year too like bracelets and earrings and even a wall plaque with a quote that you helped me with!

  5. Nice gifts, Edi.

    I did not make gifts this year but I did ask you to make something for my dad which he loves:)

  6. Great gifts! I love the hen! I know that everyone was pleased with their gifts and excited that you had made them!
    I love giving handmade gifts and try to do at least a few each year.

  7. your mother-in-law sounds like someone with a fun personality! What a great little sign! Great looking picture frame too! {:-D

  8. I'll bet your recipients LOVED your handmade gifts. I wanted to do more this year, but only had time to make some gift card sets.

  9. What fabulous custom gifts. They must have all loved them! The Hen House sign is adorable!!! Have a happy new year!

  10. Hens are so much fun and your scrapbooks are so delightful! I love blue and pink together (those shades anyway)! :o)

    For Love of Cupcakes

  11. Those are gorgeous gifts you made, Edi!
    I made quite a lot of sleepmasks and cowls as well as ruffled shorts for my nieces :)
    wishing you a happy and healthy New Year 2012!!

  12. Fantastic gifts! (Cynthia loved the Cruise scrapbook, BTW.)

    I made 2 tree skirts (early gifts), a quilt, and a lap quilt. I had planned to make some zipper pouches as stocking stuffers but ran out of time and energy.

    Happy New Year!


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