Thursday, December 15, 2011

Open Season

Here in SW Iowa, hunting season is in full-force. First and second deer seasons have come and gone and there will be a doe season later in the year. While some hunt just for sport, many people in this area hunt for the meat. With beef prices so high lately, venison is a good substitute.
I was recently asked to engrave some hunting photos and I love how they turned out. And since guys are always so hard to buy for...these make great gifts!
I know some of my readers aren't big fans of hunting, but in such a rural area, it is actually necessary to keep the animals from becoming over-populated. People hit deer with their cars everyday...I totalled my car this way! So I hope no one takes offense to these photos :)


  1. Hi Edi,

    I'm not a big fan of hunting (but you probably already know this) ;-)
    Nevertheless, your work is impeccable - no matter what the subject!

  2. I argued til I was blue with my grandpa years ago about his hunting... ain't gonna do it here, heh. You're right, they do make great Christmas gifts, though. Men are TOO hard to shop for!

  3. I know a few men who would be so pleased to have their own engravings! Good idea! {:-D

  4. I'm not a fan of hunting either, but I did live in a small town for a few years, so I understand the necessity of it. I've hit two deer, and my sister totaled MY car doing the same thing.

    I bet that guy is going to love his gift. The wood makes it look very rugged!

  5. My dad is a believer that hunting can be a great way to supplement meat from the store and to help with the over-population problem as you mentioned.

    Great attention to detail!

  6. Awesome gift idea for guys! How many hunting guys would love a photo like that of themselves with their kills? You're right that with the beef prices right now, venison is a cheaper alternative.

    I have lived in areas where hunting not allowed and deer were rampant. It's good to have hunters to keep those populations under control.

  7. This IS a good gift for guys.
    Deer don't have many natural predators, so their populations do get out of control.
    On the one hand, some people are sad to see them killed. On the other, if the killed deer are used to feed people, this would be a good thing.

  8. Well, you know how I feel! I would never have thought of this type of gift that's for sure!

  9. Living in a rural area, I see a lot of people who hunt for meat. That, to me, is very different than hunting for sport or trophies. Great gifts for the guy who hunts.

  10. I understand and agree that we need hunting for over population. Here in the NW, we are getting to the point of over population with the Canadian geese. We can't hunt them and traffic has to stop when they cross the road! They also have no preditors. I sure hope they don't start giving airplanes any problems like in NY!
    Anyway, men redognition and your laser placques are great!


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