Saturday, December 17, 2011

Treasury Thanks :)

Craftcult was down last week, so I wasn't able to get a treasury post done to thank my curators, so today I'll be thanking everyone from the last two weeks :)
Janet of HoneyFromTheBee featured my Bride and Groom Champagne Flutes in her Fifi Goes Shopping Treasury. I just love this Colorful Bracelet from Janet's shop!
Nicole of KnitNicoleKnit featured my Owl Earring Cards in her You Say Black, I Say White Treasury. I love the black in purple color combo in this Cowl of hers!
Judy of JNOriginals featured my Personalized Wine Bottle Stopper in her The Garlands are Strung Treasury! I'm in love with her Fuchsia Scarf!!!
Sarah of MagnoliaSurprise featured my Wine Set Coasters in her Foodies--BBA Style Treasury! And speaking of coasters....she makes the cutest coasters ever...Toast :)
Sylvia of SMVdesigns featured my Family Scrapbook in her Still Looking...Last Moment Finds Treasury! I just love these gorgeous earrings in her shop!
And Karen of MysticWynd featured my Custom Engraved Picture Frame in her You Can Feel the Warmth Treasury! I love the green and purple in these earrings in her shop :)


  1. Beautiful treasuries and lovely items from the curators.

  2. Those are fun treasuries! I love those hot pink earrings :)

    btw, how do you get the treasuries to remain complete - some of mine have "missing" pictures and instead show a heart?

  3. I love the way you pick something to feature from the curator's shop!
    Thanks for picking my toast!!

  4. Duni...I have seen that before. I think when you make them "dynamic" if an item expires or is deactivated, it will just show a heart. I "think" :)

  5. Gorgeous treasuries and featured items! I love the mix of earrings.

  6. Great way to get featured in treasuries! Good for you and good for them!

  7. I love the view here. So many beautiful items.

  8. So many pretty features and treasuries! Congrats Edi!

  9. Congrats on all the lovely treasuries! Wonderful features =)

  10. Congratulations on all the wonderful treasuries!

  11. great eye candy! It's fun to see what you picked to feature! {:-D

  12. Such a fun post. Thanks for sharing.


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