Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Features - Destination Weddings

Here lately, I've sure had destination weddings on the brain! Not only did I create a new Destination Invitation design. But in December, Jesse and I will be heading to Cancun for his cousin's wedding! I'm SOOOO excited! What could be more beautiful than a wedding on the beach!
So today's features are for the brides getting married on the lucky gals!

 (and she's an Iowa gal!)

by  lostaloha
 (Isn't this absolutely amazing! Look at all those tiny beads!)


  1. A beach wedding sounds very appealing :)
    The Hawaiian beaded Lei is STUNNING!

  2. Beautiful finds! That starfish bracelet is gorgeous!

    A beach wedding, how wonderful! Congratulations to your cousin and her fiance!

  3. Amazing finds! Love the starfish bracelet!

    And lucky you--escaping a bit of Midwest winter to play on the beaches of Cancun!!


  4. Very nice finds! Especially that bracelet.

    Enjoy being a guest at a beach wedding, sounds so fun!

  5. Amazing creations! I particularly love that bracelet. How fun to be going to a wedding in Cancun. You guys will have a blast! I have been to 1 destination wedding in Vegas and will never forget to memories!!!

  6. Love the tropical wedding bouquet! My sister got married in Hawaii last month and I kinda wish I would have done that too!

  7. Wonderful finds!

    Going to a beach wedding would be fun!

  8. Awesome idea for a feature! Cancun will be an amazing getaway in December.

  9. I think I am about ready for a vacation. But then I think how I will need a vacation once I return.


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