Thursday, March 6, 2008

New Baby Albums :)

I got one of my baby albums done...isn't it just adorable!!!

I love these magnet closure albums from Pioneer...they add just the right extra touch. They come in so many themes and I just couldn't resist the baby ones. I got blue and pink in 8x8. I've only gotten the boy one done so far, but will be working on the girl one real soon :)
Here are a couple of pictures of the album cover and pages:

There is a calendar for every month of the baby's first year and can be arranged to start on the baby's birth month. There is an introductory page with a photo mat and twelve other pages with 4.25x6.25 photo mats for 4x6 cropping!!! How easy is that :)
I will post my girl album when I get it done...can't wait to work on it :)
It's also in my shop if you 'd like to take a look:
Talk to you all soon :)


  1. Your blog is coming along great :)
    I will check in often so keep plugging away at it!

  2. Your blog is great!! I would LOVE to do a featured seller "Swap" with you!!

  3. Kim: The swap would be great. I see we are both just getting started and maybe we can help each other out. Would you just like me to get info off your sites or would you like to do a little write up telling me your favorite items in your shop and why you started your blog...either is fine. I will get it together over the weekend :)



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