Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I'm starting to get the hang of this blogging least I hope so. I've been linking to others, looking into groups (and joining one-Etsy). I viewed one blog and sent them an email with some of my work and they featured it on their exciting!!!

Check it out here: (Flip Flop Scrapbook)

Here are a couple pictures to show you what a Flip Flop Scrapbook is. You can always remember summer with one of these cute little albums :)

You can also check them out in my etsy shop here:
and here:

I love making these and have given SO many away as gifts. Now I just need to make one for my self :)

They do take a little time though. I hand cut each page to match the specific pair of flip flops I am working with. I roll each page through an adhesive machine to completely cover the entire page and then cover it with patterned paper and cut around the page. I then flip it over and do it on the reverse side. I cut photo mats for each page and embellish them. The fun part is getting to use power tools...okay, just a cordless drill, but still fun. I drill holes in the flip flops and use a hole punch to make holes in the pages. I bind them with cute, fun ribbon and they're ready.

Hope you enjoy them :)


  1. WOW! You sound like a busy lady. How do you find the time? I love the new baby album. If I wanted it personalized, would you be able to do that? Would it be on each page or just the cover?
    Did you say you are getting your MBA? What's your concentration?
    Also, you mentioned having a dog. Do you have anything for animals?

  2. ha! That is a super cute scrapbook idea! love it :)

  3. Anonymous:
    These could definitely be personalized...I do tons of custom work. You can even send me your pictures and have me put the album together with your pictures in it. I could personalize each page this way :)

    I have not chosen a concentration for my MBA yet, but will hopefully decide soon...

    I have made pet albums before. Some just square and I also have one in the shape of a paw cute. I will try and post pictures soon.



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