Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Word-Name Mini Albums

I have been making so many of my word albums lately. People are just loving them :) Have you seen the Bo Bunny word albums? Mine are similar, but the great thing is...you can customize them!! I hand cut each one to spell any word from about 4-9 letters. They are 12" long, so the more letters there are the smaller each one is. They are so darn cute and make great gifts. I can't tell you how many I have given away to family and friends. I keep coming up with different words all the time.

Here are a couple pictures of my little creations:

I have made the following albums and can make many others :)
  • First Names
  • Last Names
  • Sports Teams
  • Seasons
  • Holidays
  • Pet's Names
  • Destinations
  • Family
  • Mother, Father, Brothers, Sisters
  • Friends
  • Love
  • Baby

These are so great because they are so personal. And they can be given to anyone!

They do take a lot of work. I have to hand cut each letter, trace it on the chipboard, cut out the chipboard, Xyron both sides of the chipboard and adhere cardstock, cut out letter to put on ends of pages and Xyron them as well. They tend to give me paper cuts too. The Xyron machine leaves little balls of adhesive on the edges of the paper and I have to use my fingers to roll them off. I always wind up with cuts on every finger!! I definitely need to find a better way of doing this. But like everything else, live and learn.

Some tips if you ever plan on making a work album:

  • I always format my wording in PhotoShop first to make sure it fits in 12". I make mine 4" tall. Each word will be different even if they contain the same letters. I format each one separately.
  • Always use a sharp exacto blade. They are cheap and it makes a world's difference. Anytimem I start to notice I'm putting in more effor than necessary, I change the blade and it works like a charm.
  • Try to get the chipboard as close to the edge of the cardstock so you can get three cuts out of a 12x12 piece of paper. Sometimes I tend to use a little extra and then the third piece is too short. Get the most for your money and stick close to the edges.

If you are interested in having a custom word album made, check out my Etsy shop for the listing:


Have a great day :)


  1. Fantastic work! Love the minis!

  2. Wow! You are pretty talented. Oh I wish I could do things like that but my two right hands won't let this left-handed gal do such things!

  3. very cute!!!!! love the little ones!!!

  4. Those are so fantastic!! I love them!

  5. Love your word albums -- such a creative and wonderful idea!

  6. I love these! I've got stuff to do some scrapbooking but never got started on it. Maybe one of these days... In the meantime, I love looking at the creative things people like you do.


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