Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cards...My Beginning

Scrapbooking is by far my favorite paper craft, but it all started with handmade greeting cards. I started making cards about 12 years ago. Rubber stamps are what started it all. And what an addiction it was to get new stamps. Luckily when I got started, my mom was the one buying the hundreds of dollars worth of supplies :) (Thanks Mom!)

I make all my own cards for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc. I could never go to the store and buy a card ever again! I love the personal touch a handmade card provides. I always put something pretty on the envelope as well. That way the recipient knows they are getting something cute inside :)

I still use stamps on some of my cards, but I love to try all sorts of mediums. I use felt, paper flowers, stitching (hand and machine), brads, buttons, and much more. Anything fairly flat that will go through the mail easily. I like to personalize my cards too. I use the person's name or their favorite color to make it even more special. My sister-in-law's birthday is on St. Patty's Day, so she always gets a green card. Sometimes I use clovers and other times I just make sure to use green.

Here are some examples of cards I have made recently for my Etsy shop.

You can link to them here:
Hope everyone has a great day...spring is FINALLY here!!!

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