Monday, October 1, 2012

August & September Goals Review

Well, it was half way through September before I realized that I hadn't done an August Review yet! So I decided to wait and group the two months together. Both were great months and I was surprised by some of the data.

Shop Goals:
August was my most successful month in selling on Etsy to date! I had 116 Sales! I still can't believe it myself! And this really seems strange to me as August is typically a lower selling month in terms of historical data. I credit this to my wedding items :)
September wasn't quite as spectacular, but still a great month with 87 sales.
My goal had been 2 sales per day average and with my current trend, I'm going to raise the bar and up my goal to 3 sales per day average. With the holiday season upon us, I don't see any trouble meeting this goal :)

While September Etsy sales might have been down, I did two shows last month, so it was actually nice to have things a little slower...though it sure didn't seem any slower!
I have my two biggest shows of the year in October, so it will be a very busy month at Memories for Life!

Another shop goal I set for myself is to have 1,000 admirers for my shop. Right now I'm at 866, so I have a lot of ground to cover to meet my goal by year end. I'll need about 45 new admirers each month. This is a pretty big stretch since I'm averaging in the low 30s right now.

Blog Goals:
I'm still happy with my posting on the blog. Having a mix of scheduled themes and open days helps keep me on track. I've started reading new blogs and that's helped get me new readers as well. I love finding blogs that are just plain fun to read :)

Personal Goals:
 As per my usual, my exercise routine has taken a back seat to life again...ugh. I just can't find my groove and get into a good routine. I just don't think I've found something I enjoy yet. Now that it's colder in the mornings and not light out until after 7, I'm not motivated to jog outside anymore and the treadmill just doesn't sounds like any fun at all. I need to check our Netflix account and see if there are any good workouts to follow on there. Anyone have recommendations?

I'm really excited about October and the start of the holiday sales season! I wish all my fellow artisans a great selling season :)


  1. I'm new to the Etsy community, but I was sure to add your link to my favorites. Like you said with the holidays coming up it's nice for me to know what is available to my family in The States. :) Danica

  2. Congrats on your August sales!!

    August was my best month so far, and September was a slower month for me too.

    Good luck Edi, I hope you exceed your goals!! :)

  3. Good job with smashing your sales goals! I have nearly 1,000 shop admirers but I certainly don't have those sales so I wouldn't worry about that. You're certainly doing something right! Hope you find a workout you enjoy. Wish you were closer so you could workout at 4am with me!

  4. Congrats on exceeding your shop goals!!

    I'm sure you'll figure out your exercise routine once your shop work becomes more routine. :)

  5. Congrats on the sales!! That's incredible.
    Funnily enough August was my best sales month on my other site as well!
    I admit I'm not very disciplined when it comes to exercise, but I don't put too much pressure on myself in that area. I just squeeze in a home session whenever I feel like it :)

  6. Congratulations on the sales!
    I hope you reach all your goals just the way you planned it.

  7. Congrats on all the sales! Your wedding items are incredible. I've pinned a few, and they got many re-pins (of course). =)
    I hope all your goals are met. I need to get motivated for working out too. Let me know if you find anything on Netflix.
    stopping by from EBT

  8. Congrats on a successful August and September. It is nice to know that all the hard work you are doing pays off in the end. I wish you much success in you holiday sales and up coming shows.
    Everyday Inspired

  9. Congrats on all of your success the past couple months! I'm sure that holiday sales will be great on Etsy, and I hope that you have great shows, too.

    Last year I bought a step aerobics step and DVD from Target that is pretty fun and much less expensive than taking a class (as well as less embarrassing haha). They have a number of other at home DVDs and materials, too, such as weights and yoga equipment.

  10. Congrats on your successes! Yay! It is going to be a busy fall for you! I have an exercise bike - lol - treadmills scare me because I always think I am going to fly off backwards.

  11. Wow, congrats! I still say 1 1/2 sales per day is pretty great! It's a wonder you have time to eat each you're so busy:)

  12. your sales are simply outrageous! Good for you. Hope the big shows result in some good sales; maybe a clue what people like at different times of the year! {:-D

  13. Congrats on having such a terrific month! You are really on a roll, Edi.


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