Monday, October 8, 2012

What a Weekend!

 The past few days have been a little crazy around here! As some of you might have noticed, I missed my Friday Features post last week. On Wednesday night, the software I use for my laser quit working. First some of the functions quit working, then when I tried to fix it, it completely quit! The program wouldn't even open...yikes!

This was totally me!
Thursday morning I went about the task of installing all my software on my desktop (I usually run off my laptop) and getting things set up for my laser there. This meant not only finding my software CD, but also a cable to run from my computer to the laser (my laptop ran wirelessly) and then figuring out how to install the print driver again as well! By mid morning I was back in business...thank goodness! I was in nervous breakdown mode for sure!

Jesse also had last Friday and today off work because things are slow at his job right now. It's good he got some time off...he does need it. But this always throws my schedule off and by Friday morning, I realized I didn't have my blog post ready...and I didn't even have a theme in mind!

I tried a new display idea for my jewelry, but I'm not sure I like this either.
Saturday I had one of my biggest shows of the year. I'm happy to report that the show went really well! It's my best show so far this fall! I sold a lot of beer mugs and key chains as well as took several custom orders. I always find it funny to see what sells and what doesn't. I didn't sell a single piece of jewelry...not one! And I only sold one of my premade word albums! I did have a boutique owner ask about selling my jewelry, key chains and magnets at wholesale though, so that could be a great opportunity. She would like to get an order in before Christmas too!

I can always find PINK wherever I go :)
Sundays are usually our slow days as Jesse usually works that night (his Monday's start at 11pm Sunday night). But with him not working, we had another full day. We got our passport photos taken, went to a car show and spent time with his dad.

Now today I can finally get back into my routine and start getting caught up on orders from my show and Etsy.
How was your weekend? Any nervous breakdowns about


  1. Hi Edi,
    I am glad you got things back up and running! Computer issues are never fun and are oh so frustrating!!!! I have been having issues with mine lately but Jim did a couple of things to it so hopefully that takes care of the problems (I was getting the blue screen often). yikes!

    Yay for another successful show. It must have been nice to have some extra time with Jesse. :) Have a great week! ~Val

  2. OMG. That's so stressful. But at least you knew of a way to get it back up and running! My computer did a weird black screen thing to me last week, and it took me a long time to wake it up. I think it's time to transfer all of my files to a different machine and call it quits with this one.

  3. Oh no. I'm sorry for that. It's better for you to have back up data. Loving the pink stripes! <3


  4. Sounds like a successful show! How great:) And passport photos..? Where are you guys going???

  5. What a GREAT attitude you have today! Technology is wonderful until it stops working. Glad you're up and running again and had a good show!

  6. I feel your pain. I have a love/hate relationship with my computer. My "new" (3 weeks old!) computer crashed last night as I was trying to finish a deadline project. I was TOTALLY stressed. The computer repair guy came this morning, and we're operational again (at a cost). Happy to hear of your craft show success!!

  7. I tend to panic when things go wrong with the computer. Thank goodness my kids are smarter than I am in that area!
    Congratulations on a successful show!

  8. I'm so glad that your laser is back up and running now and that everything went well this weekend. Enjoy your time with Jesse and best of luck with your new orders.

  9. Computer problems! kinda like my sewing machine problems! ugh!

  10. Edi, it is so good to be back and being inspired again by friends like you:) So glad you had a fabulous show - makes up for all the hard work that goes behind the scenes, doesn't it?:)

  11. Sorry to hear about your computer problems, and I am glad you were able to work things out quickly. Glad to hear your show was a huge success, and the prospect of a wholesale order. Sounds like business is booming.
    Everyday Inspired

  12. Pink and teal - perfect! I'm glad you are back up and running and that the show was a success! With that jewelry display it looks too busy because I think you can see through it. Maybe if you put pink fabric across the back it'll help make the jewelry show up better.

  13. Oi! Crazy times, Edi! Glad you survived!!! Congrats on the successful show and potential wholesale order =D Glad you are back up and running!

  14. Good thing you got things working again & it was great to hear about a successful show! It's the beginning of the season so that's a great inspiration for the next few months.

  15. Oh, my! I can just imagine what was running through your head, with as many orders as you have. I'm so glad you got things up and running...and fairly quickly, too!

  16. So glad you were able to get everything running on your desktop! I would've been freaking out too. I've had several "moments" lately due to house stuff, but I guess that happens to everyone having work done on their first house. It always costs more than you think it will, and it's stressful. But hopefully, I can add some listings to my Etsy shop soon and make some money.

  17. Oh no, I totally understand how upset you must have been. Thank goodness you found your software and you were able to set everything up again. What a scare :(
    So happy your show went well, but can't believe you didn't sell your beautiful jewelry! How awesome though to wholesale it. yeah!


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