Tuesday, October 9, 2012

More Jewelry Questions

First I want to say Thank You to everyone who gave great input and feedback about my earring photos I posted a couple weeks ago. I still haven't gotten any of my jewelry listed as I'm still stumped on a few things.
*I'm debating whether to sell things in earring/necklace sets or separately.
*And I'm rethinking the chains I've been using for my pendants.
Here are two current pendants I have in stock. One has a colored cord and the other has a suede-like brown cord. They're very basic (and kind of cheap) cords. They allow me to keep my prices affordable, but I also don't want to sell cheap crap!

When I wear one of my own butterfly pendants, I usually put it on a silver chain like this. I really like how the butterfly looks on here and am thinking about selling all of my pendants this way. This would raise the cost, but probably not too much.

I'd love your thoughts on this. Do you think the colored and brown cords look okay, or would I be better off to list them with the nicer silver cords? I know I could offer both, but I'd rather have a consistent look.
I don't want to take a bunch of photos with the cheaper cords and change my mind and have to redo them all!

Thanks again for your help :)


  1. I think the cords match and go well with your pendants. I'm also thinking of people who have allergies to metal; these would be easier for them to wear.

    Maybe with each listing, you could offer this: if someone would rather have a silver cord, state that they should contact you and you can set up a reserved listing for them with the higher price.

    Good luck! :)

  2. Personally, I prefer chain. I've experimented with different cords/chains/etc and always come back to metal chain. Even if it costs a bit more, people will pay for quality. I've been slowly increasing the quality of materials I use and therefore the price. I haven't really noticed a change in sales.

    As far as listing separately or as sets, I prefer separates. I've never been a matchy-matchy kind of girl so I wouldn't wear a set of earrings and a necklace together anyway. The one exception to this is it can be nice to have a few as gift sets, particularly around the holidays. People who are buying gifts like premade sets.

    Wow that was a long answer. I have pregnancy insomnia and nothing to do but read blogs :) I think you have really good instincts though so whatever you choose I know you will do great!

  3. The cords go well with the wood.

    I prefer metal chains for metal pendants.

    I like to buy things separately. I personally buy many more earrings than necklaces.


  4. I totally agree w/ what Athena said. The cords have a more natural feel like the wood does and avoids metal allergies and you can always offer the metal chain as an upgrade.

  5. I personally prefer the look of the silver chain, but what's your target audience for the jewelry? If it's tweens and teens, you could probably stick with the colored cords and be fine, but if you want to reach a more adult audience, I'd go with the metal. In terms of handling metal allergies, I offer several different kinds in my shops with a note that changing it out will incur an upcharge. No issues yet!

    As for selling individually or in sets, I prefer individually. There are a handful of items I sell both ways, but the individual items still sell more. I think people like being able to decide what "matches" to them.

  6. That's a tough one because although the cords look alright, I can't imagine how they'd lay since the pendant is probably pretty light. I'd say trust your instincts and if you'd be disappointed to receive it then don't do it but if it feels substantial enough that you'd be happy with it then put them on the cord. There's other types of cords that are more like silky ropes that could be more flexible too.

  7. I like the way the brown suede cord looks against the wood -- it creates a very natural and clean design. I think I would list them with the brown cord and, like others have said, offer a silver chain option, and show it in one of your photos.

    I also would go with selling the pieces individually. You could put a link in your listing to the matching pieces so that the buyer is aware in case they want a matching set.

    And just a thought on the butterfly and pendants like it where you have to balance it to keep it straight... perhaps use the suede cord for the necklace part, and a delicate silver open chain for the part between the wings. I'm no jeweler but in my mind's eye the cord might be too cumbersome between the wings. Just a thought!

    Whatever you decide, I'm sure they will be lovely, and a big hit!

  8. You know, I actually like the sueded cord look and the wood together...but I admit that for a wood pendant necklace I wear myself, I do wear it with a chain. Someone else said you should choose the silver chain as "standard," but offer a different kind of cord as an option in your listing. I'm not sure I agree with that...I think people will substitute whatever cord works for them. It's the pendant that sells the piece more than the chain. And I agree with those who have said to sell the jewelry as separate pieces, not a set.

  9. I always love chain but yes, it's a bit costly than suede cord. I personally love suede cord than any kind of cords I found on the supply shop.

    All the best for the best outcome!

  10. If you think the silver looks like the better quality, then I say go for that one. Your work is high quality, so the chain should be too, especially if it won't increase the price very much. I'm just a firm believer in providing the best quality you can afford. :)

  11. I have had a number of custom orders for jewelry sets, but I always list items separately on Etsy. Many people who want a matching item are happy to ask for it.

    I sell all of my charms and pendants with sterling silver chains that I buy in bulk on eBay. People do appreciate the high quality chain that they can use with other pieces of jewelry. I buy them for $0.50-$1.00 each so it doesn't add a lot of cost to the price.

  12. I think selling them separately is better than sets. And I also prefer the silver chain. You could put a note in the listing that you also offer cords and set up a custom listing if that's what they prefer as others have suggested. But I think people will pay for the chain. It looks nice! :)

  13. I say definitely sell earrings and necklaces separately. Sometimes people just want the necklace, sometimes just the earrings, and if they want both - they can add both to their cart!
    As for the chains...The cords are better to keep costs down and for people who prefer cords. Silver chains may be a tad bit more costly, but some people will like the chains better. For me, when I go through your shop and look at all you have to offer, I'd expect to see the silver chains with the pendants. But that's my opinion. Hope it helps!


  14. I like the suede cord. (I'm one of those people who is allergic to metal.) And I think the wood and leather is a cohesive look.

    I would necklaces and earrings separately, but include a link in your listing to the "matching" item.

  15. I'm not much help - I have necklaces with chains and with cords and I like both. I think offering options to the buyer is the best way to go.

  16. I like the brown cord with the wood. It looks warm and natural. I think you can sell both, and your shop still look cohesive. Why not go after both customers, I know it sucks to take all those pictures but you will make more money in the long run. No sets. You will make more money offering them individually. After doing 100's of shows over the years people like to choose their own earrings to go with their necklace. Good luck with your jewelry, it will be a great additions to your shop!
    Everyday Inspired

  17. I like the idea of selling them separately. Your jewelry is beautiful and I think it will sell very well either way.


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