Friday, June 6, 2008

June-Featured EtsyBlogger

June's featured EtsyBlogger is AliciaMae. She is a very ambitions crafter with THREE etsy stores, a blog, and a website. I wish I had time to do as much as she is able to accomplish!

I have chosen 1 favorite from each of her stores.

First, from her store:

With everyone so Eco-friendly here lately, I think this necklace is a good way to make your statement :)

Next, from her store:

I love this print because the red is so pretty against the dead of winter. Sometimes we need this little bit of beauty to get us through the winter months :)

And lastly, her store:

I chose these beads as a favorite because I can totally see them on a scrapbook page. I'm all about looking "outside the box" for scrapbook supplies and I think these would look so cool hand-sewn on a page :)

Also, don't forget to check out her blog:

and her website:

Now, don't you agree that her ambition is one to strive for :)

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