Sunday, November 30, 2008

First Snow!

It was so nice to wake up yesterday to the falling of beautiful snow flakes! There's just something about that first snowfall to get you in the winter spirit :) And every year I have to take a few pictures of the first's a little tradition I've started the last few years. We didn't get much accumulation...just enough to cover the ground. It's best that me a chance to get used to it :)
The best part is...when it's cold and snowy outside...I get more work done inside :)


  1. Beautiful photos.
    We've had only rain today. A lot of grey rain so it's nice to see that beautiful white snow :)
    We're supposed to get a bit of snow tonight and tomorrow - fingers crossed.

  2. no snow here in so cal. just fog. :) i like the thought of snow but am too californian for it at home.

  3. Thanks for letting us look at your pretty snow! That's as close as I want to get...

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