Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Productive Weekend :)

I know it's already Tuesday...and I'm just now writing about the weekend!!! What's wrong with me! Well, my ISP was being a pain Friday through Monday and I wasn't able to upload any pictures during that time. The upside is...I was able to get a lot of work done during that time :) I got one album totally finished, boxed up and ready to send out. I got another done and ready to be boxed (red and white), one cut out, covered with cardstock, patterned paper and waiting to be decorated (black and white...which I completed this morning), and two others cut out and covered with cardstock!!! I was so excited to have such a productive weekend...I hope there are more to come :) Here is a close-up of the one ready to be boxed up and shipped out. (Which I also got done this morning!) It says GRAHAM and is decorated in town/school colors with a family theme. It will make such a great gift for the buyers mother-in-law :) Okay...now off to finish those other two in the picture :) What did you get accomplished this weekend? I hope yours was as productive as mine :)


  1. WOW! those albums are fabulous!!! Thanks for taking the time to stop in on my blog :)

    Let's see this weekend I got nothing accomplished! haha! I went shopping for nothing that we really needed and then I did buy some diplay pieces at a going out of business sale! So there that counts!

  2. Great Albums!

    Yay for productivity! I too have been busy busy busy lately.

  3. You have been a busy bee and what beautiful albums to show off for it:):)


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