Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Flip Flop Albums in Store :)

I added FOUR new flip flop albums to my Etsy store today!!! I am so excited to get some great new items in there :)
I wanted to show the front and back of this one because I just love that it says "Paradise Princess" on the back side :) How cute is that!
I have Minnie Mouse...
Or Mickey Mouse if you prefer :)
My favorite thing about this one is the cool pink butterfly attached to the thong part of the flip flop :)
I hope you'll stop by the store for a browse and like what you see :) Happy Thursday!


  1. wow - I thought you were painting flip-flops! LOL Those albums are so unusual! Never seen anything like them!

  2. How ingenious! These look great!


  3. I also like the pink butterfly one. For some reason, it reminds me of this one time I was skating and a butterfly bumped into me and almost knocked me over! She was okay though, she just fluttered away after. I wish I had a photo, it was a Kodak moment.

  4. OMGosh a flip flop album?! Now that's thinking outside the box! Thanks for stoppnig by my blog ;)


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