Sunday, November 16, 2008

Storybeader: November's Featured EtsyBlogger :)

Good Sunday morning all :) Today I would like to introduce you to this month's featured EtsyBlogger: Storybeader. Storybeader, aka Deb, makes beautiful jewelry for her Etsy store. But the coolest thing I think she does is adds a special haiku with each necklace specifically written for that piece of jewelry! It's that extra little touch that I find so special :) Here are a couple of my favorites from her store:
I totally love all the colors in this fantastic Turtle Treasure Necklace!!! It could be worn with SO many outfits that it would never be left in the jewelry box :) Put this baby on your wish list in a hurry!
I wear so much turquoise that I couldn't help but show you this beauty :) This Turquoise and Coral Necklace would add a new color combo to my wardrobe with that rich coral...I just love it :)
Also, check out Storybeader's Blog where her latest post shows one of her wonderful works in progress, the finished piece, and of course...the haiku to go along with it :)
Stop by and see storybeader...and have a wonderful Sunday :)

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  1. thanks for such a nice feature. I love color and the turtle treasure necklace is a favorite of mine... and I live turtles.


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