Saturday, December 6, 2008

Flip Flop Season???

So, I'd been starting to wonder if people either didn't "get" my flip flop albums...or just didn't like them. All summer long I've been relisting them often as they tend to be a summery item...and didn't sell a single pair! Now that winter has hit...I've sold 3 flip flop albums! And, I have a custom order for a pair that I am going to make into a Guest Book for a Jamaican wedding! How cool is that? So, I'm this flip flop season??? Ever since I starting making flip flop albums, I've become addicted to buying them whenever I see them. I see endless possibilities with different styles. I don't even wear flip flops...I just like to buy them for albums! The people at the checkout counters usually give me a really funny look when I tell them what I'm planning on doing with them...just another reason to hand out a business card! "Here, take a look at my website and you'll see" :) Here are 4 albums that I still have in my store: Mickey Mouse Flip Flop Album $20 I was a HUGE Mickey and Minnie fan as a kid! I couldn't resist these :) Minnie Mouse Flip Flop Album $20 Hannah Montana Flip Flop Album $20 I can't believe how popular she is with the kids! Any girl would love these :) Flip Flop Scrapbook Album-Love Themed $20 A great little anniversary gift, maybe? Or great Valentine's Day gift :) And here is a pic of just a few of the flip flops I have on hand still to make albums out of. I probably have 30 pair on hand! (Note: Pink/Brown Polka Dot Flip Flops are sold.) So, what do you think of these albums? I'm always curious to see what people think of them. I'd love to hear your comments!


  1. Hey, I love your photos..they are really nice...

  2. you have a nice blog and your work is really cute!

  3. Every time I see them they remind me of Hawaii which is a place I love to visit! I think your albums are very cute!

  4. totally cute flip flops! If you live near the beach I know you will get tons of sales on these!

  5. ill have to try and get them for my neices birthday in january...i hope i remember!


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