Sunday, December 7, 2008

Take 5...You Deserve a Break :)

I don't know about anyone else...but I have a HUGE sweet tooth! I have a hard time passing up any kind of cookies, pies, cakes, bars, etc, etc, etc!!! You get the point. So, today I felt I deserved a little break from my hard work to bake some cookies :)
I'd love to give you the recipe...but to tell you the truth...I cheated! I bought these recently from a school fundraising function and every time I'd open the freezer door, they were staring back at me. So today I finally broke down and took a few minutes to pop these in the oven :) You can't beat a tasty treat that only takes 5 minutes to prepare!!!
Hope you are getting lots of work done today...but I really hope you take 5 minutes to have a quick little break :) You deserve it!


  1. Hmm - those look great! I want some cookies now...

  2. the cookies look great! thanks so much for visiting my blog! I was so excited to see someone commented!!

  3. those cookies look delicious! cheated or not...cookies rock!

  4. Well if you are eating my fudge I'll eat your cookies, giggles. I hope my jeans will zip up!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!


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