Monday, June 29, 2009

Michigan Memories

I got back yesterday from spending 4 days with my parents. I went with my uncle and cousin...and we had a blast :) I thought I'd share an overview of my trip with you and show you my lovely family!
When we got there Wednesday night, we relaxed for a little while then went to the Gilmore Car Museum where they have a cruise every Wednesday night. People bring their classic cars and park at the museum and then others can walk around and enjoy all the cars. We saw lots of neat ones...but no pics...sorry! We then had dinner at a local pub...yummy food :)
Thursday my mom had to work, so we had a guys' day :) We started out at a discount store and all of us found great items! And cheap too! I love to shop when things are so cheap :) We then went to two sport stores called Gander Mountain and D and Rs. I found a few more great buys...a cooler and a T-shirt for Jesse :) On our way back toward home we stopped at two wineries and did some tasting. I ended up buying 4 bottles of I think I'm set for a while :) I even got the guys to smile for a pic! (Okay...maybe not smiling...but they posed at least!) That night we went to some friends of my parents and saw their amazing house! Very nice people and we got a tour of the entire place!
Friday was girl's day :) My mom got off work early, so her good friend and I went to meet her for lunch. Then it was off to the casino and then to a movie. We saw The Proposal...cute movie :) Girls' days are always so much fun!!!
Saturday was the highlight of the trip. I just love going out on Gull Lake with my parents' good friends and enjoying the sun and fun :) We always have so much fun! I would love to live on the lake and have a nice area to go park the boat and wade around!
Here is me with my dad and mom.
My mom, me, and her good friend Lidy.
And our gracious hosts on the lake: Lidy and Tom :)
And I had to make sure and get a picture with my "sisters". Lucky is 12 and Pandi will be 17 in this might be the last time I see them. This photo was a must!
I hope you enjoyed seeing my trip as much as I enjoyed being on it! Christmas sure does seem like a long time from now to see my parents again! But at least I got to enjoy 4 great days with them :)


  1. Your trip looks like it was a lot of fun! I love the last photo!

  2. coolness!

    Gull lake - i may have been there...with so many here, it's hard to remember them all...

  3. glad you had a good time and got some good shopping sprees. Your sisters, they look so young!

  4. And we had a great time seeing you! Great pics, but again with the swimsuit!!! :) Mom

  5. Nice, nice, nice!

    Wish I could still wear my off! LOL

    Doggies are cute.

  6. Looks like you had a ton of fun! I soooo want to see the Proposal!

  7. Nice blog with very nice picture. You seems to have an enjoyable life. Keep it up the good work. Cheers :)


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