Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer's Here-Blog Carnival Entry

One of our options for this week's blog carnival with the EtsyBloggers Team is Summer's Here. And since summer officially starts on Sunday...what better topic to write about :)
So what do I do all summer long? Well...I take every opportunity to enjoy the sun! A typical summer at my house looks something like this:
We try to make it to the lake a few times each year. We didn't do so well last in-we didn't get the boat out once! But we're making up for it this year. We've already been out twice and we're planning on going again tomorrow!!!
We also try to go canoeing a few times. Canoeing is so relaxing. We have a nice new canoe with seat backs and I just sit in the front of the boat and get a tan :) Jesse does all the rowing and lets me just enjoy the ride. Don't ask me why I always take a shot of my feet...but I do it every time :)
We also try and go to the Lake of the Ozarks where Jesse's mom's boyfriend has a summer house. The house is back in a nice cove where we can play and swim. This is me and one of Jesse's cousins watching the fireworks off the back of the boat :)
We also try and go visit my parents once a year. Here is a shot of us enjoying Gull Lake in Michigan :) Can't wait to see them again this year...I leave Wednesday!!! I've got tons of hugs saved up for them!!!
And since Harley doesn't usually get to go with us to the lake or river...he has his own pool all to himself :) He loves to float and play in the water. He'll chase the bubbles when we fill it and splash around. He's so much fun to watch :)
Most of all, we just try and have fun :) The yard can be mowed tomorrow...let's go to the lake!!!


  1. Can I say I'm super-envious of your summer plans? And that you look so awesome in a bikini? :P

  2. Your summer plans look like so much fun! And I agree with Ruthie, you look great in that bikini! Harley is such a cutie pie too!

  3. That looks like fun, indeed! My hubby is a total landlubber but I love the water!

  4. What fun! It's so good to see you having such a great summer., and I love Harley's personal "lake"!

  5. Such a fun post!!! You always come through with such wonderful warmth.
    I do love canoeing, but my husband and I both find it difficult to be in the same boat since we both want to steer.
    As for the feet photo, last winter when I was on a beachy vacation, I took a photo of my husband's and my feet in the sand. I loved the spot we were in with a sheer rock cliff behind us, waiting for the sunset. Something about the feet photo (like yours) just oozes with relaxation and enjoyment.

  6. I am coming to hang out with YOU for the summer! LOL!

  7. You are in SO much trouble! A picture of me in a swimsuit! heehee
    More boating and pictures at the lake next weekend. And lots of hugs! Mom

  8. speaking of photographing feet--you may want to check out the video on this blog:

  9. looks like a great summer to me, I'd love to have a canoe - and i'd prbably take a picture of my feet too! lol! :D

  10. GO on the canoe but take the valuables with you!

    I like Harley's lil pool--no mud, no snakes,etc:)

  11. looks like a fun time! Enjoy the summer and don't get a burn! Can you believe my lips burned in Ireland - it was so sunny all the time we were there. Use lipgloss with uv protection!


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