Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Scrap Room-Before and After

WARNING: Some of these photos may not be appropriate for young eyes! Okay, just kidding! I just wouldn't want your youngins to see these and think they are allowed to let their own rooms look like this! I had quite the mess!
This whole process was prompted by my wonderful uncle :) He had made my aunt a really cool paper rack and offered to make me one too! How Cool!!! So he came and took measurements and got started. I got to looking around my room and wondered how I was going to get the new shelving in my room...and where was I going to put everything that was there now! Time to Clean!!!
Are you ready? Here are the before pics:
The view you saw walking into my room!

My old paper rack...Yikes!

And the mess sitting next to it!

My Super Messy Work Table! How did I work here!?!

More stuff piled on the floor because it had no where to go!

And more!

See what I mean...a scary mess. Now you know why I wanted you to cover your children's eyes! I can't believe I let it get this bad. But when I get busy on projects, cleaning gets put by the way side. And just a note: The rest of my house does NOT look like this! This is just my creative chaos :) I do keep the rest of the house under control!

And now for the organized wonderfulness:

My new paper racks!!! Thanks Uncle Dave!!!

There are 73 spaces for paper...and I still need more! There are also 6 shelves on the bottom for other organization...also all full!

My much cleaner work table! Wow...there was really a table under there!

Newly organized shelf. All of my albums in one place now!

I took the doors off this closet to better use it. I moved the shelf from where my paper rack is now into the closet for more room :) And I cleaned the closet and got rid of a bunch of stuff that never should have been in there to begin with!

And finally a place for my sewing machine! So nice! Thanks Aunt Peg for fixing it for me :)

And storage for all my flip flops! And yes, there is a shoe rack on both sides of the door...that's how many flip flops I have waiting to be made into albums!

What do you think? Uncle Dave did a great job on my paper rack, didn't he! And because of him...the whole room got a major cleaning it's been needing! Gotta love great family :) And none of this would even be about if it weren't for his wondeful wife...my Aunt Peg...who got me started on card making and scrapbooking through 4-H :) I really do have one great family!!!


  1. Oh look Great!! I work in my bedroom and it is very messy than your room.. I think it is time to clean up..


  2. Oh my gosh! I have no idea how you worked before! Now your room looks fabulous!

  3. For a second I thought you were displaying photos of my soap room! WOW! I've gotta get out hubby's tools for inspiration...cuz soon as I start hacking and whacking he's sure to jump in to save the day. Works like a charm instead of nagging him with the "Honey Do List" thingy. :)

  4. love those paper racks! And those shoe holders - too cute!

  5. My craft room needs a major overhaul too! I straighten it up from time to time but I really need to get better at organizing my beads, fabric etc....

  6. ooooooo...please send that wonderful family here, asap!!! I'm so happy for you!

  7. beautiful job...looks like a place to do lots of creating...i could use some help over here...just ring the bell and i answer right away...

  8. WOW! Double WOW! It is so much fun to share working spaces with each other. Even with the so-called "messy look", I bet you pretty much knew where everything was.

    You are blessed to have so much family and all being close too.

    Must be that time of the year, I've been rearranging and reorganizing my studio too. Just not ready to share yet.

  9. Sweet! Can he come do mine too? :P

    and is that a Pfaff? it looks like my hobby 1040

    btw...I am sooo jealous right now

  10. Wow. I don't think I'd ever seen this entry, and I'm oddly comforted by the "before" pictures, lol. I thought your studio had Always been beautifully perfect!

    I have to ask: What is that grid on the wall above your work table? Are those little flasks of glitter in it? Paint? (It's wire, I think, to the right of the ribbon.)


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