Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Almost Wordless Wednesday-Old Photo Favorites

My dad's cousin Judy, their friend Chris, Dad and Mom
Grandpa :) Our boat (I'm mad at myself for taking this photo in black and white btw!!!)
It's not the same kind of boat, but the colors are the same and they are very similar in design! How cool is many years similar!


  1. Love your photos! I wish I could get to mine--everything is in storage! Oh Well, I'll just enjoy yours!

  2. Thanks for sharing these pictures! They are wonderful :)

  3. Your photos are so fun! Boats and lakes are a big part of my family's traditions back in Kansas too so it's fun to see others doing the same.

  4. The photo's are great...that you for letting me enjoy them too.

    The similarities are kewl!

    Such blessings....

  5. gotta love those swim trunks :P The girl's suits are pretty cute actually :)


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