Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Blast From the Past

Remember that box of pictures I told you I got in the mail from my mom...the ones she was just going to throw away! I finally got time this weekend to go through them and get a good laugh or two :)
I wanted to show you a couple of my faves!
This is my mom being crowned Homecoming Queen! There were several of her smiling, but I love the look on her face in this one! I remember when I was in Junior High playing dress up with this dress!
And this one really caught my eye because we enjoy canoeing or airboating on this very same river! It's cool to see that my parents partied on the same sandbars we do today!
There were so many keepers in this box I couldn't believe it! I've decided to save the others that I scanned for Wordless Wednesday posts...so look for another great photo tomorrow :)


  1. It is just so special that you have these treasures, not only for yourself now, but for your future little one's too!

    How kewl is that, generations using the same sand"bars".

  2. That look on her face is priceless! Sounds like you received a wonderful box of memories :)

  3. Seriously, how could she throw them away! These are treasures for sure! So glad you rescued them!

  4. that's fun, seeing your parents young and adventurous! ♫♫And the circle, it goes round and round♫♫ (Joni Mitchell) {:-D

  5. What special photos and how fun to know that your parents enjoyed the same places you do today!

  6. I think that is so wonderful how faces change but things remain the same... gosh, I can see myself in those faded pics too.
    Well done, Edi. It was fun.
    Graduated - Class of 1980

    Anne ^i^

  7. Boy, was I skinny! :) Mom


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