Sunday, October 18, 2009

Craft Show Success

Thanks to everyone for their well wishes for my craft show! It was a success! The morning flew by and I couldn't believe it was already noon when I looked at my phone! We had a great steady flow of people all day long...even during lunch hour when it usually slows down :)
I wasn't sure how my sales were until I came home and got everything totalled up. I was afraid I didn't do very well, just because things were so steady instead of big busy periods. So I was happy when I found out I only came out $50 short from last year...that's basically only 2 albums short! I was very happy with this outcome :)
I also had several people take cards and were thrilled that I had a website! I think this is one reason I didn't have as many custom orders as last year. When they know you have a website, they don't feel pressured to buy that day and know they can get ahold of you later :) This helps spread out the orders and a lot of times they order more online because they have time to think of all the people they have to buy gifts for and they can pay with a credit card!
Here's a few pics I took of my booth. It was set up pretty much the same as last year, but we found a couple of things we'd like to change before my next show. I would like to make three or four long shelves that run the whole length of the middle section. And then the smaller shelves will go along the sides. I would also like to make a sign that will attach in the back with brackets and stand up in the middle of the display. I think this will really grab people's attention and draw them in :)


  1. Congratulations on the show! There is something about folks getting to touch the articles 'live' they tends to help the sale and keep it fresh when they return home. Hoping you get plenty of orders down the road!

  2. great! glad it was a decent show. Your banner/sign idea is a good one. Good luck with your next show.

  3. Great work Edi! It looks awesome, and I am glad you were pleased with it!

  4. Congratulations Edi! I'd be like a kid in a candy store seeing all your goodies in person! Hope you get sales from all those that took your card!

  5. Your set up looks great. Congratulations!


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