Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blog Carnival-My Goals

This week's blog carnival is hosted by RainyDayArt with the choice of these two topics:
1) It's graduation time, tell us about a recent accomplishment of yours. Did you graduate? Have a business success? Climb a mountain?
2) What are your goals? Short term, long term? It's up to you.
I am a list maker and goal setter by nature, so I always have a to do list or two running around in my head! I set goals I want to get done for the day, for the week and long term goals as well. As I started writing down my current goals, I noticed that most of them are for my scrapbooking and my Etsy shop.
  • Get my Custom Albums back in my shop
  • Get inventory ready for my fall shows
  • Set up the new shelf and computer desk that I bought back in January!
  • Take photos of all of my current inventory and get it in my shop
  • Find a new job

All of these are fairly short-term goals that I hope to accomplish in the next one to three months. In fact, I think I'll get to working on a couple of these right now :)


  1. I hope you accomplish all those goals! I especially can't wait to see the inventory you're going to get in your shop!

  2. I am also a goal-making fool. Sometimes I feel like I will never get to the end of the list, I keep adding more things!

    Good luck with your goals--do you ever wish someone would magically photograph your inventory? I do.

  3. Good goals and they all seem very doable! I was terrified when I read this blog carnival - (I have to work on my post before midnight Friday) ... accomplishments and goals are stressing me out right now! Maybe I can get something done before then and blog about it.

  4. I'm with ya on the "find a new job" thing!


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