Thursday, June 10, 2010

My First Trade

I was recently asked by Sharla of BeadedTail to make some gift certificates for her shop. I was honored she thought of me to make these for her :)
I had recently seen a pair of earrings on her blog that I was dying to have! I asked her if she would be willing to work out a trade. She said yes...and the deal was on :)
Don't you love the paw print paper :) And the purple ribbon...Sharla's favorite color :) But being the super sweet person Sharla is...she didn't stop there! As I opened my package, I saw not one, but two pair of earrings! Sharla knows how much I love pink, so she made a pink pair for me as well :) I was smiling from ear to ear when I saw them!!!
It's no wonderful Sadie, Isabella and Angel always look so happy :) It's because they have such a great Mommy!!! Stop by Sharla's blog to see the girls and stop by her shop to get a pair of these awesome earrings for yourself!
Thank you so much Sharla!!!


  1. Great Certificates!! Great Trade!!! Great Earrings!!! Great Friendship!!! :D

  2. Wonderful trade! I love the certificates--they are so cute, Edi. And I love the way Sharla packages her items.

  3. Fantastic!!!! Love those earrings...and your GCs for her rock!

  4. Great trade! I think you both made out like bandits!

  5. Thank you so much Edi! I just love my new gift certificates and I'm so glad you enjoy your earrings! You are so talented and also one of the sweetest people I know! Thanks again!


  6. That's awesome Edi! The gift certificates look great. :)

  7. what a great trade! Something you both needed and wanted! {:-D

  8. Those are beautiful earrings! wrapped wonderfully! And now Sharla has some perfect gift certificates as well!


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